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About Us

CD2 is a Norwich based Web Design and Development company specializing in building bespoke Websites and Web Platforms.

How we work

CD2 is committed to building systems designed with the client in mind. As such, all projects are built entirely from the ground up resulting in a platform optimised for the clients needs, future proof, and very fast.

As technology improves and becomes more ubiquitous, businesses whether small or large have gained a huge amount by harnessing the power of web based technologies. Rather then paying for large pre-existing software packages, the technology has evolved to allow bespoke technology to exist for the benefit of the business. That means no ongoing fees for your company and maximum efficiency as you get a platform and product built for you.

What we do

From regular websites, to Social Media platforms, to new web technologies - we develop systems on the web for people to use and for businesses to be proud of.

Whichever type of platform we are building, it's built with the client in mind. We work with you to identify what the big wins will be for the project which can vary hugely from company to company. We then apply this to the way we work to reflect your ideas and hopes to ensure success.


CD2 was founded 5 years ago and has a culture of being honest and up front. Advice and help is freely available and we only take on jobs that we believe in as success of projects is paramount to our reputation and satisfaction.

We believe a project is not complete before the client is satisfied. We meet frequently during projects and report our progress often to make sur we can form a partnership with you, be a part of your business and create the outcome you had initially envisioned.