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Database Systems

Track results, record data, see reports and more. We build database systems which make you more efficient.

More data is available to businesses than ever before. Keeping track of it efficiently is the difference between being a quick to react company and being left behind.

CD2 is a web development and design studio based in Norwich. We build systems that help companies keep track of and manage systems. From stock-control to CRMs – we focus on delivering products that work for you.

Built for purpose

The systems you use are the backbone of your business – helping you to do more.

Every system we build is a bespoke solution, designed to fulfil specific needs - yours. This produces the best results, and most efficient solution for your company.

Our initial development process involves working closely with you to understand exactly what you hope to achieve with the system. We then build on this idea to ensure these outcomes are achieved.

Large, scalable database solutions

We have built a wide variety of systems for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Stock control
  • Invoicing and Accounts
  • Project management
  • General communication
  • CRM
  • Helpdesk and Customer support

Getting the right system in place lets you do more for less. To get started or find out more, contact us here or by calling 01603 920047.