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Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website to appear higher on Google to increase the visitors to your website.

More visitors to your website means more potential customers seeing your business. Get ahead of your competitors and increase your sales.

CD2 is a web design and development studio based in Norwich. We specialise in creating websites which get seen and generate more business. We focus on delivering measurable results for our clients.

Acquire, impress, succeed

Getting more visitors to your website is only half the job. Focus on the results.

CD2 provides a complete solution for getting you more results online. Our aims and guarantees are not based on visitor numbers, instead we measure actual results – an increase in customers, sales and satisfaction.

We work closely with experts in content marketing, pay-per-click, link-building etc. This will get you more visitors. We then design amazing websites, and landing-pages to turn those visitors into customers.

Measure your online presence for long term success

Know exactly what we’re doing and what to expect.

Getting your company to appear higher on search engines is not a dark art. It’s a large list of steps, hard work and know how.

CD2 provides frequent reports telling you exactly what we’ve done, and how your website is performing. These can be measured directly against the targets we set at the start of the program.

And our targets are not estimations. We guarantee to hit the agreed upon target – and if we don’t, then you don’t pay.

Make your website perform more. To get started or find out more, contact us here or by calling 01603 920047.