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Social Network Development

Build your own online community. Engage directly with the public on your own social network.

Active social communities can drive your message further and faster. Building your own platform for this engagement means cultivating and controlling that message.

CD2 is a web design and development studio based in Norwich. We have built online communities for charities, recruiters, companies and more. We provide the platform, tools and expertise which drive them to success.

Extend your social message

Reach further and faster by extending users current social profile.

People who use your platform will likely already have several social profiles. CD2 creates network which integrate closely with user’s social profiles.

Users can sign up and login using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles and more. You choose which social networks to integrate with.

Interactions on your platform can be shared automatically to your users’ other social networks. External social interactions can also populate your platform.

Group up, send messages, stay notified

Your social network should be able to match the features of the biggest. And it can.

CD2 build social platforms with all the features your users expect. These are built bespoke for your platform and deliver the results you require.

  • Form groups and teams
  • Have a dynamic profile
  • Messaging and Notifications
  • Amazing mobile experience
  • Personalised posts and feeds.
  • And more.

Create your community today. To get started or find out more, contact us here or by calling 01603 920047.